Monday, 23 June 2014

REVIEW: Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Range

A year or so ago, I used the Charles Worthington Salon at Home Melting Balm which was an intensive hair mask and I absolutely loved it. However afterwards, I didn't continue to test out the other products Charles Worthington had to offer. Until now. 

I'd heard great things about the Volume and Bounce range, specifically the Texturising Spray. As some of you will know, I wrote a blog post here about a Vo5 Texturising Spray that I didn't love so I thought I'd give this one a go.

Eventually I had accumulated the entire range except for the Thick & Full 3D Boosting Créme. So I thought I'd give you an honest and in-depth review of each product with what I thought and liked (as well as disliked). 

First up, the shampoo and conditioner. It promises volume from root to tip and thicker appearance thanks to the Collagen enriched formula. It also claims to have 'Heat Protecting Conditioning Complex'. All very hefty promises to it's customers, but was I convinced it did anything for my hair?

I love the smell of them both, very luxurious and alike to being in a hairdressers. The shampoo is very light (as specified) but essentially this means that a typical amount used doesn't lather up a great deal. I wasn't really keen on this and found myself adding a bit extra so that it did lather up, not a great sign as it means it doesn't last me as long!

The conditioner is just lovely. Very creamy and very softening. I always made sure I really slathered it onto the ends of my hair and left it to really penetrate the strands for a good few minutes. 

Would I say this combo helped with adding volume and bounce to my hair? I didn't see a drastically noticeable change in my hair that really wowed me. 

However, I was wowed by the styling products in this range. As I mentioned, I was interested to try the texturising spray as I had heard it was a dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray which is an eye-watering £39 (!!!) I was not disappointed by this product by Charles Worthington. It is fabulous. It's great to spray onto the root with a quick 'jouge' for volume and hold. I also like to spray it like a hairspray, boosting my hair as I go and setting any pesky pieces of hair that just won't stay. I would really recommend this product!

I was equally impressed by the 'Body Booster Mousse'. I am a fairly recent convert to putting mousse on my roots to add some longer-lasting body. This mousse did give my hair noticeable body and lift at the roots and through the strands also. The texture when applying is not too wet or sticky, just the perfect smooth consistency. When blow-drying, my hair didn't feel crispy at the roots at all. Both this mousse and the texturing spray smelt wonderful. Think of that salon finish smell and fresh berries, YUM!

Overall, I would recommend taking a look at this range next time you need to buy shampoo and conditioner. If you're like me and generally disloyal to a particular shampoo and conditioner then give this a whirl and see what you think. As for the styling products, I would thoroughly recommend both of them if you are looking for extra volume, body and most importantly long lasting hold. 

If you have tried this range or other ranges by Charles Worthington, what did you think?

Here is a link to the Charles Worthington website where you can read about each product:

The shampoo and conditioner are available for 

Thank you for reading :)

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