Thursday, 30 January 2014

60's Inspired Make-up Look (New Video!)

Over on my YouTube channel, I thought I'd experiment with a more dramatic make-up look to what I usually do. I found a look on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try. I did change the look somewhat and went for monochrome colours instead of blacks and golds.

Here are some photos of the final look:

This make-up look is by no means simple and I think in years to come of more make-up playing, I'll be able to achieve much more intense colours and lines. Having said that, make-up is about having fun and I had fun creating this look.

Here is the link to the video if you want to see what products I used and how I did it:

Thank you for reading (and watching the video!)

Paris x

Thursday, 16 January 2014

DIY Birthday Cards!

There's something special about receiving something that's been homemade. Rather than buying a card that so many people will receive, I thought I'd try making a birthday card for my best friend's 21st. I'd seen a lot of inspiration from Pinterest so decided to give it a go.

The things I used are:

White card (for the card itself!)
Coloured paper- I chose pink and orange
Birthday candles
Pritt stick
Gift ribbon
Metallic pens
A pencil!

I started with the main part of the card- the candles! I did this first so the glue would have the longest to dry whilst I worked on the other parts of the card and envelope.

Once I had positioned where I wanted the candles to go, all I did was glide each candle across the top of the Pritt stick to gather enough glue and place down.

Once they are all done, just leave them to dry and move on to decorating the envelope.

I decorated the envelope in the style of a present. Cards can always look a bit bland, so why not have some fun with decorating them?

Next we're going to move on to the flames of the candles. Lightly draw the shape onto the card if you want to colour them in. Alternatively, you can cut out some small flame shape from orange paper and stick them onto the card. This is what I ended up doing.

Then you'll be left with something like this...

Next onto the message. Again, lightly write out your message and correct any mistakes you make or even if you don't like the style of a cursive you have written. 

Once you're happy, go over the writing with a metallic pen in a colour of your choice. I went with pink because this is my best friend's favourite colour. 

I went a little step further and added some more gold ribboning to the two sides of the card, just to give it a little extra oomph. Plus, it also now matches the envelope!

Here is the finished look! I also added an extra heart in the same material as the wrapping paper.

What do you guys think? What other homemade items have you made for friends or family?

I think homemade gifts/cards add a very personal touch to any present and this card was greatly appreciated by my friend. I think it was the amount of pink that did it for her ha! :)

Thank you for reading this post and see you in the next one!

Paris x

New Youtube Video! Audrey Hepburn Inspired Make-Up!

Over on my YouTube channel, I uploaded a make-up video where I attempt to recreate an Audrey Hepburn inspired make-up look. I went for winged eyeliner, doll-like eyes and a pale pink lip.

Here is the video for you to go and have a look. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you like it.

Thank you to Ben Harvey, who allowed me to use his music on this video. He's a great singer/songwriter and I have been listening to his music for the last 6 months or so.

You can go and listen to his

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Product Review: Soap and Glory's 'Eyes Box'

I have never tried any of Soap and Glory's make-up line but have heard great things and I do love their bath and body line. I received their 'Eyes Box' gift set for Christmas and couldn't wait to test it out. I had only used the mascara from this set before I took these photos (dedication to my blog there). 

So, what did I think of the set?

First up, the mascara. This 'Thick and Fast Super Volume' Mascara is a best seller for Soap and Glory and it solely sells for £10. However, as part of this set, you pay a fraction of that, which is great. The mascara has a large fibre brush which is great for achieving thick, voluminous lashes (as the name would hint). If you like the doll-eye, almost clumpy look, this is great! However, if you rather a more natural look, it is slightly more difficult to achieve this look with this mascara. Nevertheless, I love the results this mascara gave to my lashes. 

With that first success, do the eyeshadows follow suit?

L-R: Black Gold, Dandy Plum, Minky, Smokin', Wild Blue and Vanilla

I like the texture of these shadows and when I was swatching them, they glided on just lovely. However, pigmentation is just above average. They're good, but not great. For comparison, they're not as pigmented as Sleek's eyeshadow palettes. The pigment of 'Wild Blue' did not transfer from the palette to my forearm very well at all. It looks gorgeous in the palette but a little lack lustre after.

However, 'Minky' and 'Dandy Plum' are such beautiful colours. I love neutral and warmer tones for the eyes and can definitely see myself adding these to my repertoire of 'most used eyeshadows'. I do like 'Vanilla' too but again like 'Wild Blue', it took a few swatches to get the final look above. 

Now to the last part of this set, the eyeliner. 

Wow. That's all I can say about this eyeliner. It's glides onto the skin like a dream and is so pigmented! This would be perfect if you apply to your eyes and smoke them out a little with a pointed brush for a quick and easy but still sexy smoky eye look. This is definitely a winner with me. 

So overall, what would I rate this set? The mascara and eyeliner are amazing and would recommend them to anyone. The eyeshadows are varied, I had two clear favourites as mentioned but the others were just okay, nothing amazing. However, I have heard great things about the neutral shades of the 'Lid Stuff' range so maybe I'll try those in the future and report back. 

Have you tried this set or any of the products included? What did you think?

I have a feeling this set was only available for Christmas. However, information on the products can be found on Soap and Glory's website here.

Individual products are of course available from Boots. 

Thanks for reading this post!

Paris x

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What's In My Bag 2014 & Updates! | VieDeParis

As I mentioned in my lat blog post, I wanted to come back to my YouTube channel and start making content again. I bought a new camera yesterday and have just finished editing my first video- and I'm really pleased with the results! In case you're wondering what camera I got, it's the Canon Powershot SX280 HS and as I said, I'm very happy with the quality. This is particularly in this new video below where I show my gold and emerald necklace- the colours just really pop and sparkle!

So, without further ado, here is my new video of 2014. It's a peek into my new handbag! I hope you enjoy and if you are a Youtube watcher, please like this video and subscribe to my channel as there are more videos coming!

Thank you for reading this and I'll see you in the next post!

Paris x

Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year Resolutions.

2014 is here and I have a good feeling about it. Upon reflection, 2013 was a really great year. I passed my first year of university, had a great 20th birthday with my friends, moved into my own flat and most importantly, I have laughed uncontrollably a hell of a lot. However, 2013 ended on a extremely sombre tone. Very late on Christmas Day, my beautiful cat Oscar suffered a very sudden illness and was rushed to the vet by my Dad. I arrived shortly afterwards but unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to save little Oscar. We had to say goodbye to him and it was very upsetting. I miss him very much every day but there's a comfort in knowing he's no longer suffering.

My beautiful boy. 

Despite that, I don't want that to taint the happiness that the majority of 2013 was filled with. So now, I want 2014 to be even happier! Really reaching for the stars, don't you think?

Without any more rambling, here are my resolutions/goals for 2014…

1. Eat healthier and exercise more.

I'll be honest with you, I'm a eater and I'm not much of a mover. This needs to change. I'm fed up of being complacent with my body; I want to be proud of my body and the hard work needed to get it there. Does that sound egotistical? I hope not. So, I will be joining a gym and cutting down carbs to one carby meal a week. I also need to start drinking more water which I hope won't be too difficult as I'll be sweating it out in the gym and will be guzzling water like it's going out of fashion.

2. Think less, do more.

I feel as though I really have to explain this one as it could give the impression that I want to be careless. I can promise you that I don't, at all. I don't even think it's possible for me to be careless. What I mean by this resolution is that I (like a lot of people) have the tendency to over think things in my life and as a result, sometimes miss out on things. So this year, I will be saying 'yes' to more things (safe things, just so you know) and just having more fun. Yay!

3. Treat myself more often.

As a student, I have to budget my money. However, I feel as though I budget so much and incidentally get worried when I have to spend money incase I run out (even though I know I won't). Therefore this year, I'd like to treat myself every month to a nice outfit or something like that. I won't allow myself to go crazy of course. I think it's important that I do this because I will be working hard at uni and at the gym, that I deserve a nice outfit. Also, I always get into a tizzy when getting ready for a night out because I don't have many party dresses!

4. Focus on my YouTube and blog.

I have had my YouTube channel for a while now but haven't uploaded for a few months. For Christmas, I received a voucher towards a good quality camera to film with and take pictures for my blog. I'd also like to film more 'day in the life' vlogs and DIY ideas rather than just solely beauty videos. I'm still thinking of a schedule, so I'll keep you posted!

So, there you have it! I think 4 resolutions is a good and manageable amount. Maybe I'll do updates on here every 3 months of my progress? I guess that'll be motivation for me throughout the year.

Anyway, thank you for reading this lengthly post and I'll see you in the next one!

Paris x