Friday, 18 March 2016

My Make-Up Bag MVP's

We all have our staple products that absolutely, 100%, no questions asked have to be in our make-up bag on a day to day basis and when you don’t have them, things can feel a little less streamlined. When I was doing my make-up the other day, I noticed that I really only gravitate to particular items in my collection, despite having many other options available. These are the products that make my favourite looks effortless, quick and most importantly, So here is a little insider into my make-up bag MVP’s…

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I’ll get the obvious out of the way as I know everyone loves this product. When I first started using this a few years ago, I didn't fall in love with it as an all-round concealer so I set it aside for just covering up any spots or pigmentation left behind from spots. I also felt that the finish of it was a tiny bit too cakey for my liking. However, fast forward those few years and here I am, loving this product and not wanting to be without it. There are several reasons behind my change of heart. Firstly, I think my skin has changed over the years and it know seems to respond well to the formula. I used to use quite harsh products on my skin that stripped it of the natural oils and made parts of it very dry. Secondly, how I apply and blend the product into my skin has changed. I use this product very sparingly on spots as a little does really go a long way with this and for my eyes I focus more of the product on the very inner corners, and then apply a lighter swipe underneath towards the outer. Since discovering the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (maybe I should’ve feature this in this post as well…), this is the only tool I will use to blend in my concealer. I dampen it under the tap and then bounce it on my face and it takes away any excess and creates a beautiful finish to the skin. 

Maybelline Master Ink Matte Liquid Liner

This is hands down the best product I have ever used to create winged eyeliner. I discovered this product whilst I was on the look-out in Superdrug for a matte formula because I don’t like a glossy finish to my liner and don’t want to have to always apply a matte black eyeshadow over the top every time. The applicator of this liner is great too, with a fibre tip that tapers into a perfect thin point that allows you to get a nice thin line on the inner corner. The staying power for this is great too. I’ve already converted my friend to it who says she loves it so if you are looking for a new liner to try, I would highly recommend checking out this one. 

(Note: When finding the links, these websites weren't very clear about the finishes... It's the matte one I am talking about in this post!)

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I’ve talked about this mascara before on my blog so I won’t harp on too much… Although didn’t I just say that about the Collection concealer? This is a wonderful mascara and I am always recommending it to my friends and family who are looking for a new mascara. I particularly love this mascara when it has had some time to dry out a little bit. Too wet of a mascara formula can sometimes make my lashes stick together and not look very defined at all. If you want volume, length and curl, give this a go. 

Maybelline Brow Satin in Mahogany Red

The last Maybelline product that I will harp on about in this post… but seriously, they kill it with eye and brow products! This dual ended brow product is my holy grail for doing my brows. It has a wax tip for creating and defining the shape of your brow and the powder for sets the wax into place and intensifies the colour. As a redhead, I have always found it a bit difficult to find the best brow colour that isn’t too ashy but the shade ‘Mahogany Red’ complements my hair colour and complexion perfectly!

L’Oreal Collection Privée Lipstick in Cheryl’s Nude

Sadly discontinued from the L’Oreal shelves, I am now rationing the last few wears and looking for a dupe of this lipstick. It’s a great nude option and it isn’t too nude that it sucks the life out of my skin. The formula is very creamy and has a satin finish with a hint of a sheen. Maybe one day L’Oreal will bring this one back…

Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush

I have several foundation brushes in my collection yet, I always come back to this one. I believe it was created for applying powder products such as blush, bronzer or powder but I think it is great for getting an effortless and quick application of cream foundations. The fluffy and slightly tapered brush hairs make it buffing motion very mobile, unlike very densely packed brushes. If you have this brush but have never used it to apply your foundation, I’d definitely recommend you try it out!

(Only available as part of the Travel Essentials Kit)

Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer Brush

Zoeva absolutely kill it with their make-up brushes. They are so affordable yet great quality and there is such a variety to choose from! This brush is great for applying a wash of colour on the lids or blending out a shadow in the crease. They wash wonderfully (as does Real Techniques) and perform just as well as they do when you first use them. The only downside to these is that the metal case around them (I have the Rose Gold set) has scratched quite a bit so they don’t look as perfect up close anymore, but they do a great job so I don’t mind one bit! I’m definitely going to be making an order on for a few more of these to have in my collection. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and maybe found some new things to try out! Let me know what your make-up MVP's are :)

P x

Friday, 4 March 2016

Introducing Glycablend from Trilogy Skincare

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending an event hosted by the incredibly successful skincare brand, Trilogy. This was my first time ever attending a blogger event so naturally I was quite nervous about what to expect but I really needn't have been. I was warmly greeted by Juliette who introduced the brand and the products to me (I had heard of Trilogy but hadn't tried anything out) and made me feel very welcome. Shortly we were invited into a presentation about the brand's beginnings, ethos, learning about the products and the newly formulated Age-Proof range with Glycablend, which we all had a chance to test out for ourselves. If like me and you hadn't had a great idea about Trilogy or their products, let me fill in the blanks because I think you might just fall in love with them.
Trilogy are all about natural skincare that is simple, pure and vital. They endeavour to find and use the purest natural and botanical oils and extracts to create gorgeous blends that restore and maintain the natural vitality and radiance we all yearn for our skin, without you ending up with a medicine cabinet of lotions and potions for all different skin ailments. Now when it comes to skincare, the word 'natural' and 'organic' can be thrown around by many skincare brands that in actual fact are not that natural or organic at all. Trilogy is different. Not only are they the first carbon neutral brand but they are also the first New Zealand skincare brand to achieve the NATRUE Natural Cosmetics Certification, meaning all of the ingredients are natural and some are organic (which is clearly stated for the consumer) and the process to source and manufacture these ingredients into products is environmentally friendly. This certification can also tell you that Trilogy skincare has:

  • No animal testing (nor do they endorse it either)
  • No synthetic fragrances or colours
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No petroleum derived products
  • No silicone oils and derivatives 
  • No irradiation of end products and botanical ingredients

Pretty impressive right? Now you might be thinking "You know what, I think I do know of this brand after all", and you could well be right. Trilogy skincare is largely known for their oils and their cult product, Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil. This garnered popularity after Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (yes, really) reportedly spoke out and said she and her mother Carole Middleton, loved the product and that she used it throughout both of her pregnancies due to it being without potentially harmful retinoids. 

Now onto the whole reason why I attended the event in the first place. Trilogy have improved the formula of their Age-Proof range with their new Glycablend formula comprising of chia seeds, blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate oils. One thing that stood out to me about this brand is that they were so intent on teaching me about their chosen ingredients and how powerful they are for our skin and I really felt that I left the event with a wealth of knowledge, which hopefully I can transcend to you. The reason behind the name Glycablend is because the range is an answer to glycation; a natural process which causes healthy collagen fibres in our skin to harden and lose their elasticity as we age. In my little goodie bag, I received Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil (20ml) and the Age-Proof Line Smoothing Day Cream (50ml) which both contain the Glycablend formula, as does the entire range. Now I know that I may not be the ideal demographic for this range, however I was interested in this range because I do want to introduce an anti-ageing product into my routine to help prepare my skin combat the signs of ageing but to also allow my Mum to try it out as she is the ideal demographic. Trilogy's campaign with this range is to give women products with ingredients that they know works. I found this important because my Mum knows what is good for her skin as she ages and doesn't want to look 21 by next week, she wants to look her best version of herself right now.
CoQ10 Booster Oil

First impressions:
Texture was very typical of other oils I have used in the past so no surprises there. However, the scent is AMAZING. Smoothing into my skin in the evening made me feel like I was having the most wondrous facial massage in the swankiest of spas. It didn't absorb into my skin straight away which I liked; made me feel as if it was really going to work on my skin rather than being drunk up. I left it sitting on my skin for about 15 minutes before I locked it in with my usual moisturiser. Skin felt very fresh, clean, hydrated and ready for bed.

Final thoughts:
I really have enjoyed putting this product to the test over the last week since the event. I reserved it only for night time as I don't like to put oils on my skin in the morning. I must say I did notice a difference in my skin the next morning compared to a morning where I had admittedly forgotten to put it on (and generally been quite lazy with my skincare altogether) the night before. I used all of my regular products with the oil so I know it was definitely the oil that was making a difference and my skin felt balanced and looked very well rested. In the mornings, my chin and forehead can be quite oily and feel clogged up, this did not happen at all when I used the oil so it will definitely be staying in my night time routine. The CoQ10 Booster Oil is my favourite oil I have ever tried and I would highly recommend it if you want to give your skin a pampering treat in the evenings. My Mum said she really liked the product as well and I have a feeling this little bottle of goodness will be sneaking off into her room every now and again!
Line Smoothing Day Cream

First impressions:
I used this the next day after cleansing and it glided onto my skin like a dream. I prefer the scent of the oil but by no means is the scent of this day cream off-putting, it's just preference and something I could look past. The formula didn't make my skin feel clogged or heavy at all. I like to leave my moisturiser for a little while before I do my make-up, so it'll be interesting to see how my make-up applies over the top and how it affects the finish of it too.

Final thoughts:
Once I had worn this product a few times with my make-up layered over the top, I didn't see or notice any disruption between the two on my skin which is great. Make-up application was also not interrupted by the cream as the skin is perfectly moisturised. My foundation applied very seamlessly and didn't grab onto any dry patches which is an issue I do deal with, so its great that the cream helped with that issue. As much as I love this product, I think I will pass this into my Mum purely because I think it is better suited for her skin type and what she wants from her products. I don't have a great deal of lines on my skin yet to notice a huge difference but hopefully Mum will. I know I mentioned the smell in my first impressions but it actually grew on me the more I used it and now it doesn't bother me in the slightest. If you have mature skin and are around the same age as my Mum (she's in her 50's), I would recommend this day cream as it has great ingredients that are great for your skin and it doesn't disrupt any make-up- in fact, it makes a great base!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review and a huge thank you to Trilogy for inviting me to their event, it was definitely a great first event for me and I'm excited to see what more wonderful products the brand has to offer in the future!

If you would like to find out more about the Age-Proof range with Glycablend, you can read about it here:

Trilogy Age-Proof along with their other ranges are available to buy from a wide range of stores and online retailers including John Lewis, Debenhams, Whole Foods, and

You can find your local stockists of Trilogy products here:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P x