Monday, 29 June 2015

My New Handbag Love

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today's post is all about a new addition into my handbag collection. Now, I am a self-confessed handbag addict. When I see a beautiful handbag on display in a store, I get the same excitement as many of us do when we see our dinner being brought to us in a restaurant and this particular handbag was no exception...

About a year ago, I was out shopping with my Dad's girlfriend and whilst she was trying on dresses in Karen Millen I was perusing the handbag and shoe display and spotted this beauty. A gorgeous tan leather medium sized messenger bag with large gold square studs around the edges. I'd never owned a tan handbag before, and now that I'm thinking about it I don't think I've ever bought myself a real leather bag. I picked it up and modelled it with eyes full of lust followed by a heart full of sadness as I laid it back down, knowing I couldn't and wouldn't bring myself to lay down a whopping £185 for it.

Fast forward about 4 months and I was in a Karen Millen outlet shop near where I live and spotted the exact same bag up on the shelf for £90!! I can't remember exact details but I'm pretty sure I let out a little squeal and skipped over to it. Again, I modelled the bag and argued with myself about how even with 50% off, I couldn't spend that much money. Let me give you some context, at the time I was a 3rd year student who was buying products for my practical dissertation and travel tickets. So I put the bag back and walked away.

Back to present day about 5 months later and I was walking idly around the same Karen Millen outlet again and yep, you've guessed it. There it was. It was knocked down further to £60 because it didn't have the long strap. However, my Dad's girlfriend had a similar bag and said I could have her strap as she never used it. Score!

Now onto the actual bag itself, as I have mentioned it is real leather. As I've gotten older and have been earning my own money, I have really learnt that quality completely trumps quantity when it comes to handbags and shoes. I also really love the pale gold hardware on the bag as it gives it an edge compared to other plain tan messenger bags. The lining is lovely too, it is a understated and classy leopard print and I think makes the bag a bit more exciting visually as linings can often be very plain. In terms of pockets, it has the usual zip pocket, phone holder and another miscellaneous pocket next to it for an oyster card or keys maybe. On the reverse of the bag, there is a flat pocket with a magnetic closure. I really like this for popping my phone, iPod or my train tickets in here for quick access.

As it has been about a year since I first saw this bag at full retail price, I don't believe it is available to buy anymore but if you live near a Karen Millen outlet, you may see one floating about. I have also seen a few of these bags and other variants on eBay too. 

I hope you enjoyed this little review of my first quality handbag purchase. I really love it and I find it is perfect for the summer. However I do believe my love affair with handbags is now going to become a tad more expensive (though this one was a complete bargain!) but all the more beautiful. 

See you on Friday!

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