Thursday, 1 May 2014

Instagram Snippets: April 2014

Hi everyone!

Today is a picture-heavy post today and it's a look back at my favourite Instagram photos from April. I love Instagram for documenting little parts of my life. So here we go, let's see what I got up to in the month of April!

Here is a collection of make-up and nail polish that I put together when I was planning one of my videos. I love all the bright colours for Spring and Summer and will no doubt be wearing them religiously! 

This is me at the beginning of April in Sainsbury's adorning a rather fetching pair of rabbit ears and doing my best rabbit impression. This is whilst I was away on a lovely weekend in the countryside before I spent Easter studying rather than eating copious amounts of chocolate!

The obligatory gym insta. I've been going to the gym for coming up to 2 months now and I really have been enjoying it. I love my grey and bright pink trainers and more importantly, I've definitely noticed a change in myself both physically and mentally from going to the gym. I never thought that I'd be saying, let along typing, "I like going to the gym."

This what a little treat to myself for working hard on all my assignments and literally not leaving my house for days on end. A new frozen yoghurt place opened up opposite my flat and I was really intrigued to try it (plus they were having a 50% off opening week deal, so I couldn't say no :P) I tried to be healthy with plain fro-yo with strawberries and raspberries but indulged myself rather with mini oreos! So good!

The indulgence clearly continued here. There was some cheese in the fridge so I decided to make grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon. OMG, I cannot even tell you how delectable these were! I made sure I had a salad and worked out extra hard at the gym though to compensate!

No Instagram month is complete without a cheeky selfie. This was actually before I had to go and do some make-up for my friends magazine assignment. I had to literally smother our friend in eyeliner with a touch of fake blood. It turned out great!

This is one of my many assignments when I had completed it. Our task was to create 8 pages of a magazine of our choice and this was mine. I handed it in today and I'm so relieved. I'm so very nearly finished with my assignments for this year!

Another food insta. The other night I just wasn't that hungry but I did manage to get a big bag of kale for 65p (!!!) So I made a salad with scrambled eggs on toast. Small enough that I didn't feel like a whale afterwards, but it definitely filled a spot! Plus it was yummy too!

And there you have it. You can follow me on Instragram: @VieDeParis

Do you document almost everything on Instagram like me?? Leave your links below and I'll check yours out and follow back!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time!

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