Monday, 21 September 2015

Finding My New Favourite Nude

Finding the right nude nail varnish can be a challenge for us pale skinned ladies. When I’m surfing my favourite beauty blogs and Instagram feeds, I lust after so many varieties of nude nail varnish and rush out to buy them in hopes they’ll look just as fantastic on me. However, you need to be realistic with yourself. Or more, I need to be realistic with myself. Beige can look great on someone, but on me I look like a corpse. 

My Mum actually chose this nail varnish for herself as there was an offer on in Boots for 2 for £10 on all Rimmel products. I picked up a foundation, she picked the Salon Pro by Kate Moss in 237 Soul Session. That night I was redoing my very badly chipped nails and decided to use this as its neutral and I can probably get away with it at work. 

I was very pleasantly surprised. It looks much more pink on the nails than in the bottle which is a bonus for me as it helps to warm up and flatter my pale mitts. I decided to go with 3 coats as I could still see through to my nail just a tad after 2 and I really like a completely opaque finish to my nails. The 3rd coat did not disturb and applied evenly with no ‘gloopiness’ or streaks. It dried fairly quickly and I finished it off with my nail enamel manicurists spray, which is a real throwback product in itself to the days I used to get acrylics. Maybe I’ll do a post more about it another time. 

I’m hoping this varnish performs as well in durability as it does with the colour, but only time will tell. This little discovery definitely goes further than just nail varnish, it’s the same for lipsticks as well. The ‘perfect nude’ is so unique to each person that the actual term is more of an umbrella term than a definitive. Do your research and experiment, you’ll never know what future holy grail products are waiting for you…

P x

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