Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct Palette | Review

In my last post, I spoke about a new video I had filmed where I tried out 3 products from highstreet brands Revlon and Freedom Make-Up, including the Pro Conceal & Correct Palette from the latter. Though I filmed my first impressions and how it wore throughout my shift that evening, I thought it would be useful as well to write a much more in-depth review of the palette for you.

So, lets talk about the brand itself. Freedom Make-Up London is a new make-up collection that launched in June this year, developed by Adam Minto (the same man who brought us Make-Up Revolution). From what I have read about Freedom, it is designed to bring professional products to the every day beauty lover at a more affordable price. This is evident when perusing their website as many of the products are labelled 'professional' or at least feature many types of products that higher end professional make-up brands do. This includes priming waters (as seen from Smashbox), glow tonics (as seen from Pixi) and sprays for spot brush cleaning (as seen from MAC and Clinique). The other pro tell-tale sign is the vast array of palettes and kits. Freedom Make-Up offer a range of brow, sculpting, highlight, strobing and eyeshadow palettes that you would often find professional make-up artists to have in their kits to provide for the many different skin tones they have to work on.

Now for someone like myself who isn't a professional make-up artist but has these seemingly professional products on offer, why wouldn't I want a piece of that? Not to mention the great prices! Concealer is an important step in my routine as I have redness and hyper pigmentation from active blemishes as well as those from when I was younger. So when I saw the Pro Conceal & Correct Palette for only £5, I had to give it a go and see if that £5 would be enough to help achieve a more flawless complexion.

So what do I think of the palette?

Packaging: I like the monochrome packaging but it is on the cheap side. I do wish it was completely black and had a mirror in the lid, as I think that would look much more pleasing than seeing all 6 colours on display (which isn't a huge deal breaker but I'd sacrifice it for a mirror). However, it does the job in keeping the actual product away from any dust laying around.

Colour selection: I really like the 6 colour variety. There are 4 concealer colours and 2 correctors; a green for redness and a salmon pink for blueness. I think the correctors did a great job at counteracting the redness around my nose and on my spots and the blueness on the inner corner of my eyes. I do really like the 4 concealers as well. I think they are very versatile and I will find a use for them all either when I am sporting fake tan, or when I'm as pale as a sheet.

Formula: I wouldn't say the products in the palette sat nicely on my skin. There was definitely an issue of them sticking to the dry areas around my nose and highlighting that issue. This is odd because the product itself feels quite creamy. However, that is an issue I have with many face products so I can't blame the palette solely of this offence. Nevertheless, it was patchy which does make me hesitant to use it in that area in the future. On my chin, it blended in slightly better though it did highlight my enlarged pores ever so slightly. I'm hesitant to put it on the area of skin in between my brows because I have very large pores there and I don't need any assistance in making those any more noticeable. Pigmentation with this palette is however, very good. As you will have seen from my first impressions video, the salmon shade really brightened up my inner corners which is fantastic. The green corrector was also great at counteracting the redness around my nose and on my blemishes. I also didn't notice any oxidisation from any of the colours which is great as this is a big beauty no-no for me.

If I were to rate this product out of 10, I'd give it a solid 7. It is good value for money when you think about how much product you get but with many things, it may not be for everyone. I wouldn't recommend it you have very dry skin (or even those with combination like myself) as it could really stick and show up the dry parts of your skin. However, they do have testers in store so it wouldn't hurt to test a bit out and see what you think throughout the day. Though for £5 can you really go wrong? I am definitely going to try out more from the brand, as well as its sister company Make-Up Revolution.

The Pro Conceal and Correct Palette is available from www.superdrug.com or in store for £5. You can also buy it from the brands website too: www.freedommakeuplondon.com

I hope you enjoyed reading this more in-depth review of the palette. Let me know what you think of this brand and any of the other products you have tried from them.

P x

Freedom Make-Up London Pro Conceal & Correct Palette: http://www.superdrug.com/Make-Up/Face/Concealer/Freedom-Pro-Conceal-Kit-Light/p/573802#.VknEbYSECFI

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