Sunday, 25 January 2015

Make-Up Haul - MaxFactor, Soap & Glory & KIKO!

A shopping trip to Westfield's without browsing at the make-up aisles of Boots and KIKO? No, it doesn't make sense to me either which is why I obviously partook in such an activity. My list of products to try had been growing alarmingly over the last month or so; thanks to the beaut ViviannaDoesMakeup in particular.

MaxFactor Face Finity All Day Primer. I have been neglecting the primer department of my make-up routine for quite a while now. I really didn't get on with the Maybelline Baby Skin primer, the texture above all just made me squirm a little bit when I applied it. However, I have heard some good things about the fairly new-ish primer from MaxFactor and the assistant there told me it was oil free which is a great feature for me. I'm excited to try this out and really see if it keeps my make-up from slipping away; the bane of my make-up routine.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder. I love the powder that is in the Kick Ass Concealer and have been on the look out for a good translucent powder so didn't think twice when picking up the similarly named pressed powder compact. What I am thinking twice about it picking it up from the Boots in Westfields Shepherds Bush. The Soap & Glory stand was a mess to say the least and even though I reached to the back to get my powder, it was still partially smashed *angry face*. Let's hope it redeems itself...

L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation in 120 Vanilla. Another VDM recommendation! I love trying out different foundations. It's the one part of my routine that I really rely on as I have a whole lot of redness, uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation going on. Reportedly lasts for 24 hours but honestly, who wears their foundation for an entire day?! Not me but I like the potential. 

Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen. My beloved L'Oreal Super Liner ran dry and I had heard a lot about this little number. I'm really hoping this is super black and doesn't drag on the eye which is a pet peeve I have with eyeliner pens.

Soap & Glory Archery Brown Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil. Now one thing I have been focussing on is my brows. I recently had them waxed (thank god!) and whilst I love them, they are a tad thin for me. However, this is nothing a little filling in cannot remedy. This is a product I have heard a lot about and thought it was time overdue to give it a whirl.

KIKO Color-Up Long Lasting Eyeshadow. Please note: I know I spell it 'colour' but it says 'color' on the packaging, to avoid any confusion. Back to the product. My oh my are these long lasting! Just upon swatching and a train journey home, these definitely need a little more elbow grease to take off. I picked '10', '20' '24'; a taupe, light brown and a purple. These were also in the sale at £3 a piece so I just had to pick up several shades! Very impressed so far and will definitely be creating looks with them soon!

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 'Julianne's Nude'. The main reason why I bought this is because Julianne Moore is a pale skinned redhead like me and logic said 'if it's her perfect nude, then surely it'll be mine too, right?' I popped it on whilst I was shopping as my lips were a little dry and I must say, I really do like it. I can definitely see this being my go-to everyday lipstick. 

Whilst my make-up collection is looking rather replenished, my bank account is feeling rather less so... 


  1. Ooh I love a drugstore haul - nothing better than getting good products for a low amount of money. That Soap & Glory eyeliner is one of my fave make up items and I really love the look of the Loreal Julianne Nude lippy - need to get my hands on that!

    Beth /

  2. Yes definitely! Especially when I have a long list of things to try and a large store to explore! I'm testing it out at the moment so will definitely review it soon. I love the L'Oreal lipstick- worn it for about a week or so now and it's fab- definitely recommend!

    VDP x