Monday, 11 January 2016

Bedroom Re-Vamp Series #1 | Choosing The Right Style For You

I am so excited to start decorating my room, I cannot even tell you. Let me give you a brief history/run down of my new space. I've been in my new bedroom since June and as far as decorating goes, I've only bought a bedside table and put a fancy knob on it. I have all of my old furniture from my uni room like my bed and my desk but they simply do not suit the space anymore. The paint on my desk has started to come away around the edge and look a tad tatty and my bed has a metal frame both at the head and foot of the bed which does take up a lot of floorspace as well as airspace, if that makes sense?

The layout of my room is also quite different too. My old room was pretty much a perfect rectangle with a slight recess where the door was. This room is probably about two thirds of the size and has a set back recess for the window and sloping ceilings either side. I have sketched out a rough drawing of both rooms and put them in this post either side of each other so you can see how my spaces are different and how throughout this series, my decisions are influenced.

My old bedroom

My new bedroom

Now I've filled you in on what my space is like and a few minor details (not too much though as that will spoil the series!), it's time to get into the topic of this post which is choosing the right style for you. As I love home décor, its easy for me to get sucked into different trends and want my room decked out accordingly. However, this is simply not viable. I have one space and one space only. I need to make it just right for me and something that I will continue to love for more than seasonal trends. So spoiler alert, that means you won't be seeing any marble effect or copper everything in these here parts.

My advice for finding the right style for you is to utilise/exhaust Pinterest to its maximum. There are thousands (if not millions) of pictures, layouts, designs on there for you to sift through and stick onto your pinboard. Be strict with yourself though, get carried away with loads of different trends and styles you're pinboard could soon start to resemble a magazine. If this does happen, create a secondary pinboard and transfer over what there seems to be a lot of. So for me, I always seemed to pin more pictures of monochrome styles with a hints of glam, sparkle and texture than anything else so this told me that this is most likely the style right for me. If you keep coming back to the same look, you obviously love it.

So from these screenshots from my Home Décor Pinterest board which you can view in its entirety here, you can see that I love monochrome stripes with hints of metal and single colours. I also love texture so I have a lot of bed layouts with textured sheets and faux fur throws (plus I just love to comfy!) Having this central place for all of my inspiration is great as it keeps it organised in my mind and I can cherry-pick certain pieces to add to my room. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this first instalment of this series! I'm really excited to get underway with this project and to share it on here with you guys! Let me know what you're favourite styles are and what decorating tips you have for me. 

Paris x

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