Monday, 18 January 2016

TK Maxx Beauty Bargains

For anyone who knows me, I don't make my love for TK Maxx a secret. I am about 10 minutes drive away from quite a large store which makes weekly visits a regular occurrence. One of the great things about TK Maxx is that I never know what will be in there week in week out across all departments of the store. I have heard that they have new deliveries every day and I often find many higher end brands with huge discounts and even brands that aren't readily available in the UK. Naturally as a beauty blogger, I go straight to the make-up section to see what goodies are waiting. Now, I don't always find great beauty buys every time I visit so please don't think I had found all of these products in one go. If my memory serves me right, I purchased all of these products over 3-4 week period. With all of that said, let's have a look at the products and my initial impressions of them...

Christian Breton Eye Focus Gift Set

This gift set was housed over by the Christmas clearance tables a few days after the big day. I had previously seen other products by the brand in the skincare aisles and generally liked the look of them. The packaging is sleek and rather expensive looking. This particular gift set has some more visual marketing attached to it, namely the 'STOP! INJECTION' sticker. Now I'm not in any market yet to have work done to any part of my face or body so it doesn't have a direct appeal to me but then again, if an eye cream can prevent me from needing work done and I buy said eye cream, then I guess the marketing has been a success? I must also mention that I was drawn to this product because of its French origins. Thanks to skincare expert Caroline Hirons, I have begun to notice the power and knowledge that French skincare has so this immediately made me trust and want to try the product out. Whilst I was browsing the product and thinking all of this, I flipped it over to look at the price. Oh. My. God. I don't know what I was more shocked at, the RRP or TK Maxx's price for the product. There was a saving of £62! As you can imagine, it went straight into my basket. If you'd like to learn more about the brand, click here. Keep an eye out for an in-depth review on this blog in a few weeks by following on Bloglovin' here.

Olivia Palermo X Ciaté London Satin Kiss Lipstick in Truffle

When this collaboration range launched back in August 2015, I waited with anticipation to see what my favourite bloggers and YouTubers thought of the range. The overall impression I got was largely positive and when I saw a few pieces of the line appear in TK Maxx, I was very excited and quickly rooted through to find something for me. First of all, I must address the packaging of this product. I only have 2 nail varnishes from Ciaté which is what they are known for, so didn't have many expectations for the design of their make-up. Now I'm sure Olivia herself had a say in the packaging and it definitely worked. I absolutely love the packaging. It's sleek and expensive looking with the signature Ciaté bow and Olivia's initials on the lipstick bullet itself. On to the colour pay-off. This shade is called Truffle and I would describe it as a nude with terracotta and a hint of pink undertones. It isn't usually a colour I'd go for but I do want to explore nude lipstick shades and this was my favourite out of the bunch on display. After first application, I was a bit apprehensive if it suited me but I stuck with it and I can honestly say I've used it so many times and it does look different in different lights. For example, the other night I was out with my friend for cocktails, it looks quite nude and gave me a real 90's feel to my make-up. Other times, it can look quite terracotta. The finish is true to name, it looks quite matte from the swatch but it does have a satin slip to it that makes it feel comfortable on the lips. If you'd like to see the full range, click here. I would definitely recommend this lipstick if you like your nudes, so keep an eye out in your local TK Maxx.

Olivia Palermo X Ciaté Nail Varnish in Sunday's

I can't say a great deal about this product as I haven't tried it out yet and it was bought for me as a gift for Christmas. However, it does look like a lovely shade perfect for work if you're not allowed to wear bright colours and even if you just need something to make them look a bit more polished (no pun intended). I love the packaging of this though, its very luxe and has been sitting pride of place on my desk because I can't bear to take it out and put it with all my other varnishes. I may even paint my nails tonight with them and post a pic on Instagram (link here), or you can of course find pictures online. Let me know if you have tried this varnish or any others from the range and what you thought of them!

Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless Pore Perfecting Bronzer 

I've never and have always wanted to own something from Too Faced. They're a much loved brand in the blogging community and have many successful products. I hadn't heard of this product before I saw it but being from Too Faced and claiming 'pore perfection', I was instantly intrigued and sold. I've used this product quite a lot and I really like it. I would say its a bit too orange for contouring but perfecting for adding a healthy colour around the face and on the high points during the summer. It's completely matte as well which is great as I like to add glow with other products. This product usually retailed for £23, but is now on a discount of £20 on the Too Faced website here. I managed to snap this up for £7.99, another reason why it is worth checking out the beauty aisles of TK Maxx.

So there you have it, 4 beauty products from great brands all at amazing discounts. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and have been inspired to start searching TK Maxx for some of your favourite brands or, if you already check out TK Maxx for make-up, have scheduled in a much needed visit! Let me know what beauty bargains you have found at TK Maxx in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and see you next week!

Paris x

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  1. Great beauty finds. I love TX Maxx too!