Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Make-Up Brush Collection.

Over the years and becoming increasingly more obsessed with beauty, I have expanded my collection of make-up brushes; and branched out to more than just the Superdrug range. So I thought I'd show you my current make-up brush collection and include a mini review of each brush and what I would typically use it for.

I'll start with face and base (that rhymes!) brushes. These are the first 7 brushes from the left in the pictures. 

Body Shop 'Face and Body Brush': I got this brush for Christmas about 2/3 years ago and it's a really great multi-purpose tool to have in your make-up bag. It's great for applying powder and bronzer, particularly in the summer when you want to add an all over bronze to your skin easily. This brush retails for £16 at the Body Shop here:

Real Technique's 'Expert Face Brush': This was my first purchase from the Real Techniques range after watching Pixiwoo's YouTube videos for a while and wanting to try them out. (As you can tell I really liked them as they feature very heavily in my collection.) This brush has short, compacted bristles to allow you to really work your foundation into the skin to achieve a very natural finish. It usually retails for £9.99 in Boots or online. However, it is currently on offer for £6.72 from Amazon here:

Real Technique's 'Setting Brush': I typically use this brush to apply highlighter and blusher due to it's size. The intended and original purpose as a setting brush means you can control make-up application to specific areas. So for example, if you get oily patches around your T-Zone, this brush will make a much easier and precise job of applying powder to the area and mattifying. Here is a link to where you can purchase this brush for a usual price of £6.99:

Superdrug 'Blusher Brush': This is probably my oldest brush in my collection. I typically use it for fancy dress make-up now because the bristles aren't as soft anymore and I'd generally prefer using my other brushes. However, when it was a key part of my make-up routine, I did really like it and I was in school at the time so was cheap enough. Here is the link to where you can buy the brush (even if it is for fancy dress):

Real Technique's Buffing Brush: This brush is my current favourite for applying and blending my foundation. The bristles are longer than the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques which allows a more gentler application. I really love this brush and I would recommend it to anyone. I couldn't find a link for the individual brush but it is part of the 'Sam's Picks Collection' with other lovely brushes which is what I received for Christmas this year and is really great value for money. Here is the link to where you can purchase this from Feel Unique:

Real Technique's Multi Task Brush: I use this brush in a similar way as I do my Body Shop brush. As the name would suggest, it's great for applying a variety of products. I would usually use it to contour my face and blend out any blusher if I've accidentally applied too much. Again, I couldn't find an individual link for this brush but here it is as part of a 'Travel Essentials Kit' from Amazon:

Real Technique's Pointed Foundation Brush: I must admit, I've never used this brush to apply foundation because I'm happy using my buffing brush. However, I do find this brush good at applying concealer under the eyes and on blemishes. It's tapered brushes make it more controlled and targeted on blemishes. It's also delicate enough to use around the eyes. This brush is also part of the 'Sam's Picks Collection' kit mentioned earlier which is also available from Amazon from this link:

I'll now go on to review the remaining 7 brushes that I use for applying eyeshadow, brow powder and eyeliner. I'll try and condense it down as much as I can from now on, as I understand this post will be quite long.

Highlight, Deepen and Colour brushes by Jemma Kidd: These brushes came as part of a set with a cute little pink leather pot which was lost many years ago in the days where I just stuffed everything into a dirty, worn out make-up bag. I scoffed at brush holders. (Ha, how times have changed.) Anywho, I have a large fluffy blending brush which I use for, you've guessed it, blending. I have a shorter, tapered brush which I used for my crease as it packs in a lot of shadow precisely. I have a basic shadow brush for applying any kind of shadow. These brushes are now discontinued but there are probably even greater versions of them elsewhere.

Liz Collinge 'Eyes' brush: For my brows, I use a small, thin eye brush from Liz Collinge which I actually stole from my Mum years and years ago and have been using it ever since. It's not a proper eyebrow brush, but it does the job!

Body Shop Eyeshadow brush: I also have a rogue Body Shop eyeshadow brush which is very flat. This is great for applying eyeshadow as liner to define my eyes but not with a harsh liquid or gel liner. The brush itself is very soft and is available here:

Real Techniques 'Fine Liner Brush' and 'Essentials Crease Brush': Finally, my Real Techniques collection does expand further. I have a fine liner brush which is great for eyeliner and fast becoming my go-to tool for eyeliner as opposed to using the brush that comes with. I also have an essentials crease brush which I use for blending and sometimes applying an eyeshadow to even out the eye or add a wash of colour. Both are available from Amazon here: and here is the crease brush part of a starter kit:

So there you have it! My complete make-up brush collection! Phew!

I hope you have found this post useful and I'm sure in a year or so, I'll have plenty more brushes to show you!

Thank you for reading!


  1. You have a LOT of brushes! I own the Real Techniques ''core collection'' but other than that I use makeup sponges or just my hands to apply makeup!
    -Magenta xxx

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I suppose I do have a lot, I want more though because I love fluffy brushes for blending out eyeshadows! Make-up sponges are great for make-up, I really would like to try a beauty blender! Hands are great too as the natural warmth warms up the product so it glides on much easier.

      Paris x

  2. That is a lot! I'm not a massive beauty addict and one thing I never really got was the extensive range on brushes, I use sponges for foundation and powder then the few I own are for eye make up and blusher. I always wonder if I'm doing it wrong. Great post though!

    1. Thank you for reading! Make-up is such a personal thing so whatever suits you is probably just fine, I just prefer using brushes as products can slip and slide all over my face so they help to buff everything in :)

      Paris x