Friday, 8 August 2014

Feeling overwhelmed... Or underwhelmed?

While I love social media (I'm literally all over it, just look above at all those sparkly buttons!), it really can get me sucked into this vortex of nothingness made up of a bit uselessness, woeful and a whole lot of "What am I doing with my life?!".

I think this is typical for students though. I've literally spent 18 years (yes, it took me a while to work that one out) in full time education, constantly learning and constantly being asked, "So what do you want to do with your life/when you leave school or uni?"

Back to the social media. Over the last few weeks, my personal Facebook feed has been littered with statuses such as 'OMG GOT A NEW JOB WAHOO!', 'JUST BEEN ACCEPTED FOR AN INTERNSHIP!' and 'OMG GOT SO MANY EXCITING SHOOTS LINED UP'.

The most exciting thing in my life right now is that I've been working quite a bit so I have a bit more of a disposable income and I treated myself to a family size packet of ginger biscuits.

Please don't get me wrong and think I'm a total grump, I'm so happy for those who post these statuses. I really really am. But sometimes, I wish it were me.

I'm not really too sure what this post is all about really. Just life things I guess. I wanted to share how I'm feeling in the hope that if you might be feeling that way too we can help each other out, or have felt like this before and can offer some advice.

I have so many dreams, but just don't know where to start or even how to?

I really hope you understand what I'm trying to say :)

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