Sunday, 13 July 2014

Get The Look: Kim Kardashian's Airport Chic

Hi, my name is Paris and yes, I am a fan of Kim Kardashian. 

Image from Daily Mail Online
I await the comments berating me for liking her but that's okay, I know she is not everyone's cup of tea. I wouldn't say I admire Kim, but I definitely look to her for style and make-up advice. I love a good contour and I think she (most of the time) dresses very suitably for her body shape. I do not by no means have a rear like her, but I have curves too and we are a similar height. That makes me sound like I've met her... I haven't, though I'd like to!

I have loved watching her style evolve over the years of watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and seeing her splashed across internet sites. Though I do not have her wealth; nor access to fabulous designers such as Roberto Cavalli, I can definitely take some inspiration and incorporate into my wardrobe at a fraction of the price.

Kim has recently been snapped waltzing through LAX in a very casual but still very chic and put together ensemble. I really like this outfit for everyday and when thrown with some heels and a whack of hairspray, it can also double as a great evening dinner outfit. 

Partly because I don't even want to devote brain cells to work out how much this outfit may have cost, I have found some high-street and online pieces that can recreate this relaxed chic look. By clicking on the image, you can go straight to the product webpage for more information.

Black Satin Feel Bomber Jacket from - £24.99
Starting from the top down, I have found a few different bomber jackets. For an almost identical option to Kim's, I have found this plain black satin feel jacket available for £24.99 from (right). This piece is very versatile and can be paired with any outfit and is a great transitional piece to take you from Summer to Autumn! 

Onto the simplest part of this outfit; the white tee. I haven't included any dupes for this as almost everyone has a white tee and/or they are widely available in Primark if you are really in a pinch. My only piece of advice would be to make sure it is not see through especially with a tight tee; bra outlines are not classy! If you are conscious of wearing a tight tee, go for an oversized one! Versatile, see?

Grey Ripped Jeans available from - £21
Now for the jeans, I have found this pair available from ASOS and currently in the sale for £21 down from £30... I love a good bargain. These aren't an exact copy as they aren't as washed out on the fronts of the legs and they also have ripped knees. However, this is a trend that Kim has been seen wearing recently. 

Shoes, shoes shoes! Kim loves her heels but the heels I have found are a little more snazzy than Kim's but I really love these and again like the jacket, they are very versatile. They are available from River Island for £50. Try not to be put off by the price as nude heels are such a staple item in any woman's wardrobe, I can assure you that they will go with any outfit. They are also a great alternative to black heels in the summer when you've got a tan!

And there you have it! A replica of Kim's airport chic for a fraction of the price with some key pieces that you can mix and match with your entire wardrobe to create a variety of cute outfits!

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