Wednesday, 16 July 2014


I love a bright lip for a night out and in the summer when I'm a little bit bronzed so am always on the lookout for something affordable, that I can chuck in my bag and if worse comes to worse and I lose it, I won't be completely heartbroken. I don't usually look to NYC for make-up purely because I haven't heard enough about them. However, I was swatching some of their lipsticks on a whim and I was really surprised! They initially looked very pigmented and soft so I grabbed two shades; 404 AIR KISS and 402 RED FLAME.

I really really like this shade. It's a lovely dark pink with blue undertones. The colour is extremely pigmented on the lips but doesn't make my lips feel dry or chalky. It's quite the opposite actually. The formula is very creamy and does not feel sticky at all. There could however, be the potential for transfer. This lipstick would not be a wise choice if you are wearing white or even giving your loved one a cheeky kiss. I would definitely not wear this on a first date. Nothing is less attractive that smearing pink lipstick across your face. 

402 RED FLAME As you will notice, the pictures of this lipstick look different to the previous ones. I had to do some colour setting changes to get the truest visuals of the lipstick. 

Red Flame shares the same characteristics as Air Kiss in the sense that it is creamy, does transfer and is very pigmented. However, it is not as stark as Air Kiss. It's a much more subtle red compared to pillar box red. It has a shimmery/metallic finish which is a upcoming trend for Autumn/Winter. This is because it has slightly golden/pink undertones to it that catch the light. Unlike Air Kiss, it does show the creases of the lips, so may be a miss is you have very chapped lips. This colour would be just lovely with a golden/coppery eye and bronzed complexion. 

Overall, I do really like these lipsticks and for the very affordable price of £1.99 each, they are definitely worth grabbing to stick in your bag on a night out or even on holiday! I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for bright colours and is prone to losing things! The one thing I really do not like about these lipsticks is the packaging. You cannot wind down the bullet all the way so if you haphazardly put on the lid, you could squash it. The lasting power is also not great, they are completely gone after eating except for a faint outline around your lipsticks; not a good look. 

Have you tried the NYC Expert Last Lip Colors? What did you think of them?

Thank you for reading!

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  1. You cannot beat NYC for pigment and price. However, I find Rimmel lipsticks transfer crazy amounts too and I would rather spend £1.99 on a pigmented lipstick than £7 and put some lipcote on top!

    Rachael at