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A/W 2012 Fashion Trends! #4 MAXI

Maxi's are great for summer in the form of dresses and skirts, but they have really progressed into the winter months and it's become so much simpler to pair them with the right accessories to make them easier to wear. Upon surfing the internet for some maxi's for winter, I found some real treasures!

I found this gorgeous floral print maxi dress from River Island that costs a very respectable £40. I actually think this dress could be worn all year round. The print is so pretty and girly that it could be paired with some black pumps, a matching leather jacket and possibly a chunky knit scarf to soften the look a little more. This would create an outfit that has the edginess of the leather but the softness of the print and scarf which will make it feminine. For the summer, this dress would look perfect with maybe a light beige blazer or leather jacket with gold flip flops and some cute gold jewellery and accessories. One word of advice would be, do not wear this dress if there is rain in the forecast. This is because the dress may be a bit long and the bottom hem may get ruined by the dirty rain water on the pavement.

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For an everyday look, I found this cute dark purple maxi skirt, also from River Island for £25. I love the aubergine colour because it's perfect for autumn and winter as it's not too dark or drab but not too bright that it looks out of season and better suited for summer. Having said that, I believe you could wear this in summer too, which is a bonus! To make this into a cute outfit, you could pair this with a simple white tank top, beige leather jacket, Oasis beige leather pumps in my previous post and gold accessories. Alternatively, black would look just as good if the weather isn't that great.

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I've also seen a style of pairing maxi skirts with military boots. I am not a particular fan of this combination but it's a definitely a viable option for you if you want to wear a maxi skirt but keep your feet warm :)
From, I found this really cute wine coloured long sleeve, maxi dress with a slit along the leg. This would be cute outfit for a special occasion. You could put on a gold skinny belt around the waist to hide the seam and matching jewellery. I like the nude platform heels with the dress too. 

The dress also comes in black and would look good with a gold metal plated belt (there are plenty from ASOS) and matching jewellery and you'll have an outfit that hosts an eclectic mix of femininity with the slit and body con silhouette and grunge with the belt and jewellery.

Both these dresses from retail at £17.99 which is a bargain in my eyes.

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I hope this post helps you in putting together outfits with a maxi dress or skirt! They are perfect too for autumn and winter, not just summer! 


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