Monday, 30 September 2013

Little Announcement!

Hello :)

I've been quite absent on my YouTube channel of late... This is because as a student, it was my obligation to not only go to my first lectures of the academic year, but also to go to the Fresher's Week events. Now I know I am not a Fresher anymore but hey, if I want to go out with my friends constantly for 2 weeks, then I am going to. Take that.

With October rolling in and the leaves falling, I've decided to come back to YouTube with a bang. Woah there. So, this month I will be vlogging everyday in a little series us YouTube fangirls call 'Vlogtober' (catchy right?). It is essentially me filming my day to day life (which I warn you in advance, could be quite mundane on some days). I've been wanting to do this kinda thing on my channel for a while now and would really like to do Vlogmas (vlogging every day in December until Christmas Day!). So I guess this will be like my practice run of vlogging for a whole month to see how I like it.

In addition to this, I will try and film proper videos for some of the days and I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

Also excitingly, my friend Dan whom I share my second YouTube channel with (GetMeThroughUniTV) will be daily vlogging as well in October! I will be making some cameos in these videos as obviously me and Dan go to uni together and are in the same group of friends.

That's a whole lot of news right there.

So yeah, if you are interested in watching my daily vlogs throughout October then you can click here to go to my channel. You can also click here to go to mine and Dan's YouTube channel!

Thank you for reading this post!

Paris x

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