Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Body Love: Lady Gaga

I have always loved Lady Gaga right from the beginning when she strutted into that house party with her stick-on lightning bolt across her eye in her 'Just Dance' music video. I love her style, her attitude and most of the time her fashion. I guess you could call me 'a little Monster.'

Her last album, 'Born This Way' was released on May 23, 2011 which was coincidentally my 18th birthday! I love the songs on the album and all of the fashion in her subsequent music videos. Lady Gaga has always been of a slim build (much to my envy) and a few months ago she was criticised by the media and spectators for gaining extra weight and some even branding her 'fat'. Now this angered me a lot, not because I'm a fan of hers but because I think it's quite frankly disgusting how the media and ordinary people can call an individual whose life is under the spotlight constantly 'fat' or 'ugly' or some other very hurtful name. I feel like those words are thrown around so much in conversation that people don't realise that those words are still hurtful.

However, recent photos have been published of Lady Gaga looking slimmer and she has reportedly lost around 30lbs and she looks amazing! I never thought she needed to lose weight but I guess when you're Lady Gaga, all of the touring and pressure means you lose weight without probably even noticing. I was browsing Daily Mail Online and she does look incredible. I love the chic and sexy-ness of the black dress she is wearing with her long platinum blonde locks, finished off with huge sunglasses. So classic but still so Lady Gaga.

Take a look (all of these photos are from Daily Mail Online and are probably sourced to an individual photographer and I do not claim to own them):

Black magic: The star looked amazing in a black pencil dress as she did some retail therapy in East HamptonDouble the fun: Lady Gaga walked into a shop in one outfit and stepped out in another on Wednesday

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new body? Do you dislike as much as I do the constant media hounding celebrities receive about their appearance?

Thank you for reading this post!

Paris xxx

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